About Specialist Tours


Specialist Tours mission is to give our customers an experience and to expose them to places and adventure that exceed their expectations and that they would not have been able to do on their own.


Specialist Tours give our guests the specialist experience they are dreaming of by providing turn key, tailor made service specific to your needs.

Specialist tours will carefully plan your tour and make recommendations, will do all bookings for you, will organize all transport and be your tour guide for the total duration of your visit. Specialist tours will take all hustle out of your hands. You don’t need to be concerned about where you drive, is it safe, are you maximizing your time to see and experience the most possible within your available time frame – Specialist tours will do all of that, so that you can sit back and enjoy your time.

Specialist tours belief that most important is that you must have the experience of a life time, with stories you want to go and tell, and planning your next trip to South Africa before you leave. We also want you to not be exhausted by the end of every day, feeling that it was a race against time and distance to drive. We therefore carefully plan our routes for you to be able to see and experience as much as possible every day, but at the same time be able to relax, just soak it all in and enjoy every place and experience you take on. We therefore plan the routes in such a way that we have a general rule of not to travel more than 4.5 hours a day when travelling from point A to B. If we arrive at a destination, for example at a private game lodge where we offer two 3 hour drive safaris, or where we do a wine route over longer time, you will still have enough time to stop and enjoy what the area have to offer.

Specialist tours want our customers to leave as ambassadors for our country and company, already planning their next trip before they leave.

Specialist tours would like to be different. The well known must visit places will be the same, but we will always search for that different place to overnight or add that one place to visit or drive the more unknown road that the normal tour will not do.



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Specialist Tours is specialists in various ways:
• We know and love our country and believe we will give you a better experience than what you will have on your own or in big tour bus groups
• We specialize in small groups of between 4 and 12 people, who all know each other and who travel together, to give you that special tour tailor made for you
• Specialist tours also focus on doing niche specialist focused tours, for example Safari, hunting trips, Action adventure, golf tours, marlin deep see fishing trip and any other specialist area. If we need a specialist in that field to accompany us, for example a professional hunter, we will source such a specialist. It will still be our aim to where possible combine such specialist tour with, generic features, so if it is a golf tour, still expose customers to Safari event, tour of the Cape winelands or any other opportunities in the area.
• Specialist tours will aim to make every stay different. We do not want to take you to the same hotels other tourists stay at, but rather those smaller gems that not everybody knows, and that give you something different to the norm
• A specialist tours tour guide will accompany you from arrival until departure. We will be with you, available for information, advise, recommendations 24/7. If you would like to go out in the evening to just enjoy a social evening out with the locals, Specialist Tours will be there to drive you around, so you can just enjoy yourself and do not need to worry about transport, where you are driving, where you should or shouldn’t go or any other hustles.


Specialist tours core values are:
• No request from a customer is too big or too much to handle
• Our Specialist knowledge and service is what differentiate us
• Our specialized, personal service just for you or your group make us famous
• Anything can be achieved and organized, nothing should be impossible
• We do not just organize another tour. Specialist Tours put ourselves in your shoes and say what do you want, what kind of accommodation do you prefer and what kind of experiences do you like, and plan the tour and stops accordingly.
• Our integrity will always be unquestionable